Aug 022011

There can be no doubt that these two hotties are the sexiest female slaves the world of bdsm porn has ever seen. One of them is a redhead with a creamy bod and the second is this beautiful blonde, both ready to do anything to make their masters happy. And they sure have to do a lot, getting tied up, their tits tortured, their sexy bodies whipped and their tight holes stretched out by toys that are bigger than the Washington monument. Nothing like two beauties suffering hard during bdsm orgy.

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Jun 182011

The world of high class bdsm orgies always includes piles and piles of one female slave after another, waiting to be worked by their masters, waiting to have their bodies ruined by that sweet mixture of pain and pleasure. And there is just tons of it going on here, with sexy, luscious girls with stunning bodies getting tied up, whipped and tortured in ways that you didn’t even know were possible. It is simply one of those bdsm scenes that you mustn’t miss even if you are just an occasional fan of the genre.

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Aug 152010

Her you can watch pictures and videos from another great bdsm party in the mansion. This time female slaves are tormented mostly by invited cruel mistress who enjoys lezdom relationships and likes fresh and skilled sexslaves.  She knows how to fix girl in ropes so she would be totally helpless and open for her sexual abuses. Most of all she likes to stretch pussies of tied up sluts making them loose and useless. Take a peek how she manages to insert two fists on one tight pussy causing terrible pain in the almost torn apart cunt.  After such a cruel treatment guest can also join the fun and whip or cane any girl they want. Of course they can also fuck these weak sluts and do whatever they want to these sweet naked bodies of house slaves.

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Aug 072010

Here you can see several newcomers in bdsm mansion since today is the time for inexperienced in bondage and domination chicks to serve as first time female slaves for a large group of kinky guests invited here for a party. These female slaves don’t know how to behave themselves and they can’t endure even lightest pain, so you can see them crying from humiliation and bdsm torments that they experiences for the first time. Take a peek at these chicks spanked in bondages, force fucked in their mouths and suspended in the ropes in the middle of that hall. From time to time some guy cums on their bodies so they are all covered in cum now. One of these girls sits on the floor with her mouth gagged with her own smelly panties and another one is whipping and trampled in the floor while being clamped with numerous wooden clothespins

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Jul 302010

That is truly hard day for Cherry Torn, her master wasn’t in the mood today so he punished and tortured his submissive slave even harder than usual. First he fucked his blindfolded slavegirl and slapping her naked body in the process and after that proceeded to really painful torments. In the beginning bdsm master decided to exhaust his slave by forcing her to do physical exercises on the floor while he was caning her bum. After that he has thrown her tired body, opened and tied her legs wide and started to slap his pussy. Now you see her suffering from pain when cruel guy switched from bare hand to wooden cane. That sweet pussy suffers from terrible pain now but master isn’t going to stop his cunt tortures. Next that sadistic male takes riding crop and hits scared female slave right between her ass cheeks. That pain in highly sensitive anus is barely possible to endure so Cherry starts to scream very loud!

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Jul 222010

It seems that these slavegirls are already used to their bdsm lifestyle in this mansion. Every single day they experience so much humiliation and pain that it is amazing how can they endure all that. Today’s bdsm session is not an exception from the rules – both girls have to suffer in extreme rope bondage for many hours in a row. Masters decided to restrain blonde bitch first and he orders second female slave to assist him in wrapping her gorgeous naked body in ropes. Finally stunning blonde beauty is suspended in the air with her breast tied up, metal hook inserted in butt and crotch rope pressing on her clit. Her pussy exposes in a very sexy way sp dominant guy immediately stick dildo in her cunt, fucking her while she is still suspended in the air. Now it is turn for brunette female slave to spread her ass chicks and get a bondage hook in her anus. Cherry has to stands in the middle of the room and watch how master continues to torment blonde slut by squeezing her breast hard and slapping her face.

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Jul 152010

It is time to check how skilled these female slaves in giving their heads. Special commission is invited to bdsm mansion in order to check how good they are in sucking huge cocks and enormous dildos. Cherry Torn is tested first, she has to swallow huge prick of her master really deep down her throat. Submissive cocklust tries really hard, she gags on this dick but master is really content with his collared female sub. Another blonde sexslave can’t show similar skills so guests consider that they need to train her right here. Poor bdsm slut is caned for her laziness and forced fuck in her throat by perverted girl who likes to humiliate silly blondes like that one and make them beg for mercy. After that dildo training both sluts are screwed by male gests while bound in ropes and have to swallow loads of sperm. Their arms are tie up so they can’t do anything about that.

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Jul 052010

House slaves that are kept in this house are regularly used for sexual pleasure by masters of the house and frequent guests who gladly accept that opportunity to fuck and humiliate some fresh female meat. Very often these submissive girls are fucked in their asshole and their masters consider that back orifices can be already stretched and not so good for screwing. So today they decided to start their anal training to keep their anuses tight. Cherry Torn who is penetrated in butthole especially often has to insert metal buttplug in her bum with heavy attached weights and try to hold it inside as long as possible. That can help her to train her anal orifice and keep it sweet and tight always. However stupid manages to fail that exercise and she must now lick that buttplug with her tongue and her poor back orifice is tormented with huge stick fully inserted inside. Meanwhile another female slave smothers her face so Cherry can’t even complain about pain in her tormented butt.

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Jul 052010

These two sluts has been trained to endure pain for a long time already, but today master wants to check if they already can cum while being tortured heavily. Dominant male attaches clamps o their extremely sensitive nipples and orders them to masturbate with vibrators. However when any of these female slaves almost reaches orgasm he pulls the rope and hurts their nipples very hard. Next step in training is forced pussy licking Cherry Tons must lick second slut until she cums but that it would be hard to do since poor girl gets heavy hits from master and can’t concentrate on her pleasure. Finally both female slaves exhausted with sexual frustration and painful punishments are allowed to have oral sex in 69 position and even have orgasm together.

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Jul 012010

Every time when some guest visits this perverted bdsm mansion, all slave sluts living here must be ready to serve all their needs and they always must endure preparation for the party. Rigth before the party master takes them out to do all chores and meanwhile he warms them up by ordering to suck his cock and flogging them with riding crop. He likes to slap girl’s faces after they gave head to him and control all their action. Finally guests arrive and females slaves are tormented right in front of all these people who never saw anything similar. Both sluts are chained together, their nipples and pussy lips are interlaced with ropes and metal devices and everyone can touch their intimate spots, spank their asses or use any bondage equipment of their naked submissive bodies. The ,most exciting part is when girls have to slap each other faces till them both start to cry from pain and humiliation while guests keep laughing.

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